Chickabee Garden Farm

Chickabee Permaculture design

Chickabee Garden Farm is a small permaculture designed farm located on 1 acre in Jerseyville, Ontario.  Using intensive organic cropping methods Chickabee Garden Farm produces over 50 varieties of vegetables as well as several tree fruits, various berries and an assortment of fresh herbs. Organically managed beehives forage on the farm, neighbours gardens and the naturalized area of the trail system to produce a rich mixed source honey. Simply extracted and bottled it is never pasteurized, retaining its natural colors, flavours and nutritive qualities. A small flock of mixed breed hens scratch around the property providing a true free range egg of deep golden color and rich flavour.

All products are seasonally available, vegetables, fruit, herbs and honey may be purchased from the farm or Ancaster Farmers Market. Eggs may only be purchased from the farm.

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