Food is a simple word that until recently was understood to mean life. Eating is not a choice we make, but rather a fundamental daily need and the most basic pillar of our existence. Due to its prominent place in our lives, everyone has beliefs and experiences that shape their food preferences and choices. The chefs at Mortar and Pestle believe food should be made with real ingredients purchased at their peak of freshness. Until the dramatic shift in our food supply about 60 years ago, all food was local, regional in scope, grown and consumed close to home. For this and many other reasons, we promote local food and do our best to support regional producers by watching labels and buying produce grown in Ontario.

Mortar and Pestle supports organic farmers when possible, preferring local organic food to that shipped from other regions or countries. We believe it is better to know our local farmers than to trust in far-away institutions. Many local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture co-operatives) and farmers’ markets will have regular and convenient schedules to meet your needs for produce and, in some cases, locally grown, naturally raised meats and poultry.

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