About Us

Our Mission

It is our belief that everybody eats, so everyone should eat well. More than anything else, Mortar and Pestle is about great food. Traditional methods of learning to cook have been lost to progress, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn the skills we need to live – and eat – well. Anyone can build their comfort level in the kitchen, develop confidence, cook great dishes without fear and apprehension, and gain control of their health through flavourful, healthful foods.

The mission of Mortar and Pestle is to provide a comfortable, fun environment in which to learn about food and cooking. We want to eliminate the fear and confusion associated with cooking and empower our clients to make long and short term changes for greater health and more enjoyable eating. Bringing pleasure back to the kitchen not only helps us nourish our bodies, but nourishes our souls as well by nurturing and developing relationships through the comforting act of cooking and eating.

Our Name

Why Mortar and Pestle? The mortar and pestle was one of the first tools invented for the kitchen, and still beats any modern tool for grinding spices, crushing herbs, or making dry rubs or pesto. It consists of a bowl (called the mortar) to hold the spices or herbs, and a small club-like tool (called the pestle) used to crush or grind. It is the one tool we recommend everyone buy, and once you start using it you will soon find it indispensable! We prefer to use one made of smooth, non-porous granite of a size that is big enough to work with but not too large to fit on the counter or in the cupboard.

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